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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

ambassadors for Him

my lovely sister and I are now going through the She Reads Truth: Fresh Start plan and are absolutely loving it. The whole plan has been great, but my favorite day so far was about how we are Christ's ambassadors.

The devotion mentioned how we are often ambassadors without realizing it.  How many times have I found a new company or great product that I share & recommend to my friends and coworkers? I am being an ambassador for that company by being a representative of their product. I should be doing the same thing for Christ everyday! [but He is so much more awesome than that adorable necklace I purchased!]

My passion to represent Him should outweigh my passion for everything else, by far. 

“That seems fairly elementary and straightforward,” you might think. And yet, there is so much more to it. To the world, we stand in as Christ. Broken, angry, hurt, desperate messes that we are, and yet He chooses us to be His light in a world of darkness. He trusts that we love Him enough to give our very, humanly best. 

We have the great responsibility of not only representing Him, but doing it in an authentic way that draws others in."

Are you ready to take on that responsibility? To be Jesus to those around you? It seems like a daunting task but with the Spirit's help, I believe it can be the best job we have ever accepted. 


Mer5432 said...

i love you and Jesus.

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