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Monday, December 3, 2012

some of my favorite [design blogs]

Kelly Hicks Design
Find her here
I love reading blogs that I can relate to. Kelly is a designer living in Minnesota—I feel like we could be friends! Her design is always gorgeous. I always look forward to a new post! With her diyfashion and home decor posts there is something for everyone. 

Jones Design Company
Find her here!
This lady creates such beautiful designs! I love her classic style. I'm pretty sure her blog is where my obsession with calligraphy started. She also mixes in great tutorials and personal posts. A great read.

design love fest
Find her here!
Bri is seriously inspiring. Her design is functional yet so unique. She is constantly doing something new! I love reading her blog to see what is inspiring her. She also has great downloads and style posts that are just so dang fun.

There is a mini list of some of my favorite design blogs. [I might have to do this again, I have so many more!] I hope you enjoy reading these blogs as much as I do! Go forth & be inspired! 


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